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What Services Does True Lawn Care Offer in Augusta, KS?

We provide a comprehensive range of lawn care services to help enhance the beauty and health of outdoor spaces in Augusta, Kansas. Our skilled team specializes in professional lawn care services to ensure a lush and vibrant property through expert care and attention to detail. We offer precise lawn mowing to keep your grass at the optimal height for a manicure to parents. Improve your garden’s aesthetics and soil health with our mulching services, or schedule our dedicated team to handle irrigation and sprinkler repair. Let us know how we can help.

Discover how TLC experts can create lush lawns in Augusta, Kansas

How We Improve Augusta Aesthetics

We are known for going beyond the call of duty. Our meticulously designed and implemented lawn care plans transform properties into visual masterpieces while giving homeowners and businesses the necessary tools to maintain them. True Lawn Care experts combine artistic vision with horticulture expertise and years of experience to create harmonious and Visually appealing landscapes.

We Stand on Sustainable Satisfaction

From Innovative garden designs to strategic plant placements, we elevate the appeal of residential and commercial properties in Augusta. Our approach includes sustainable practices that utilize eco-friendly materials and techniques to promote long-lasting beauty and biodiversity. We leverage keen attention to detail and a passion for excellence to bring vibrancy and make this community more pleasing for residents and visitors.

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Why We Love Serving Augusta

Serving Augusta is not just a job; it’s a genuine passion rooted in our love for this vibrant city. Augusta’s unique charm, friendly community, and rich history make it an absolute joy to serve. Meanwhile, being part of a city associated with the Masters Golf Tournament is an honor that reflects Augusta’s standing on the global stage. We’re proud to enhance the beauty of neighborhoods that host this iconic event. Let’s work together to design and maintain a community worth visiting and living in. Every project is meaningful to us, and we want it to be meaningful to you.

Learn why True Lawn Care is the number one lawn care provider in Augusta, KS

Why Augusta Loves True Lawn Care

Because we offer practical solutions and streamlined services, our customers become like family. They notice our dedication to excellence, customized approach, and commitment to environmental sustainability. Residents and businesses appreciate our attention to detail, transforming their lawns into lush green spaces that reflect the city’s natural charm.

Help improve Augusta, KS, with professional lawn care services


True Lawn Care stands out in Augusta because we are the most trusted lawn care partner. We don’t just show up to mow your lawn and leave. Our experts pay attention to every detail and provide exceptional customer service, making us the preferred choice for transforming outdoor spaces. Contact us for a free consultation.


Not sure where to go from here? Check out these frequently asked questions:

How often should I mow my lawn in Augusta?
Lawn mowing frequency depends on multiple variables, including the weather and soil type. Factors such as your landscape design and irrigation needs may also play a role. Ask us how to develop a personalized lawn mowing plan.
What are common lawn pests in Augusta, KS, and how can I control them?
Common lawn pests in Augusta include grubs, cinch bugs, and armyworms. We know how to develop a straightforward strategy for controlling the situation. Although many chemical treatments are available, true Lawn Care has eco-friendly alternatives. Discover more with a free consultation.
What type of grass is best suited for lawns in Augusta, KS?
Cool-season grasses like Kentucky bluegrass, perennial ryegrass, and fescues are best for lawns in Augusta, Kansas. However, your choice may vary depending on the specific conditions of your lawn, like shade and soil type. Let us help you choose the best grass species or maintain what you already have.
How should I prepare my lawn for Augusta’s winter?
Gradually lower the cutting height when lawn mowing while winter approaches Augusta. Then, schedule irrigation and sprinkler repair to winterize the system before freezing temperatures arrive. You can also install mulching around delicate flower beds and plant roots to help them stay warm and nourished. True Lawn Care Professionals can provide more tips upon request.
What is the best mowing practice for a healthy lawn in Augusta, KS?
Augusta’s best lawn mowing practices involve cutting only the top 1/3 of the grass blade. Unfortunately, precision can be challenging for busy homeowners and businesses. Also, changing mowing patterns is an excellent way to ensure a lush lawn. We know how to give your yard the TLC it needs. Contact our team for help.
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