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Our passion for pristine lawns is second only to our commitment to revolutionizing the lawn care industry. The True Lawn Care story begins with a simple desire – to indulge in the love of lawn care services and challenge the status quo. We want to redefine what it means to “care” for lawns, so our quest is different. We envision a company where success is shared, employees thrive, and customers benefit from both. At the core of our philosophy is a happy and fulfilled team translating their high morale, work ethic, and expertise into satisfied customers year after year.

Employee Driven and Dedicated

We’ve built True Lawn Care as an employee-driven company to unearth traditional models where the boss reaps the rewards while the workforce feels the burn. Our roots ensure that the hardworking individuals on our team find fulfillment in taking care of your lawn. We don’t just promise a beautiful lawn; we guarantee a partnership that cares for your outdoor space like none other.

Going Beyond Passion for Lawns

Passion alone wasn’t enough for us. At age 44, our CEO took a bold step to acquire his business partner’s share. Determined to provide comprehensive solutions, we immersed ourselves in the industry’s intricacies, gaining expertise in fertilizers, herbicides, pesticides, and sprinkler systems through hands-on experience with veteran companies and industry leaders. Our extensive relationships with the top tree, lawn, landscape, and sprinkler businesses set us apart. We’re not just a lawn mowing service. True Lawn Care is a full-service company – a one-stop solution for all your lawn care needs.

One thing about us is that we’re dedicated to customer service and employee retention
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Mission & Vision

Our mission isn’t just about maintaining lawns. We’re here to exceed your expectations. True Lawn Care is committed to providing comprehensive lawn care tailored to customer needs. We do it right the first time for efficient results. We know that exceptional service begins with a dedicated team. So, we strive to appreciate our well-trained staff to help them excel in the green industry, offering clients a new approach to the trickle-down effect. Our dedication to continued education positions us ahead of the competition on every level.

Services Offered

True Lawn Care is your premier destination for comprehensive lawn care. We offer a full range of services to help elevate your property and create healthy outdoor spaces. Here is what we can do:

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