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What Services Does True Lawn Care Offer in Andover, KS?

True Lawn Care is all about compassionate and comprehensive lawn care solutions for homes and businesses in Andover, Kansas. We are proud to be part of this community, providing a cutting edge to local residents through efficient services and excellent customer service. Our expertise includes scheduled lawn mowing, mulching, and irritation and sprinkler repair. Let us help you create and maintain an outdoor oasis you will love for years. We revolutionize the lawn care industry with state-of-the-art equipment and highly trained professionals to ensure optimal outcomes every time.

Our professionals help create lush lawns in Andover, KS

How We Help Andover Aesthetics

Do you want to spend time outdoors but need a safe place for R&R? Let True Lawn Care experts help make your dreams a reality. Your well-maintained yard is our calling card. We can help remove the stress of building and maintaining outdoor living spaces, from mowing and mulching to irrigation and more.

We Thrive When You’re Satisfied

Anyone can mow a lawn or lay down mulch. We take it to another level. Our primary objective is to give Andover residents something to be proud of. True Lawn Care professionals go above the call of duty to ensure customer satisfaction and results that withstand the test of time. For us, lawn care isn’t just about cutting grass or making yards beautiful. It’s about establishing relationships with the community through environmental improvements and efficient management. We are the professionals your green spaces have been waiting for.

Trust us to help pamper your lawn in Andover, KS

Why We Love Serving Andover

Andover is not just the Air Capital of the World; it’s our home. We share the community with our clients, frequently driving by past projects on our way to others. The True Lawn Care team enjoys watching our neighbors’ homes thrive because of exceptional service. Customer concerns shape our reputation, so we strive to make a positive impact on Andover and the surrounding area. We know the true treasure is beneath the surface of doing business and getting work done. Our goal is to help positively transform people’s lives.

Discover why we are the lawn care gurus in Andover, Kansas

Why Residents in Andover Love True Lawn Care

Andover homeowners and businesses have high standards, and we love rising to the challenge. Residents appreciate our commitment to excellence and devotion to improving the community. Our collaborations are uplifting, our solutions are relieving, and our techniques are eco-friendly. Here are three more reasons why Andover residents love True Lawn Care:

  • We form bonds with our customers to build familiarity and ensure peace of mind.
  • Our technicians promptly acknowledge customer concerns.
  • We show clients how to save time and money with efficient lawn care solutions.
Let us help you find the sweet spot between living your best life and living in paradise.

Make Andover, KS, a better place to live and work with our professional services


True Lawn Care professionals redefine what it means to care for lawns. We can build a customized plan to suit your needs, goals, and budget. Contact us today for more tips, tricks, and techniques.


Need more info? Check out these frequently asked questions:

What is the best time of year to start lawn care in Andover, KS?
Early spring is the best time to start lawn care services in Andover, Kansas. Wait for the grass to grow before scheduling fertilization, overseeding, or irrigation. Ask our friendly professionals for more information.
How often should I water my lawn in Andover, and what is the best time to do it?
Andover lawns need about 1-2 inches of water per week from rainfall or irrigation. However, the amounts can vary depending on several factors, including soil health, grass type, time of day, and season. Discuss your options with us to develop a comprehensive plan.
What types of grass are best suited for the Andover climate?
Plant cool-season grasses in Andover because of its unique climate. Check how Kentucky bluegrass, fescue, and ryegrass fare for your lawn. Consult a True Lawn Care professional to choose the best combination.
How do I deal with common lawn pests or diseases in Andover?
Lawn pests and diseases are common in Andover, but we know how to fix them. The best approach is preventative lawn care. Use targeted treatments and environmentally safe methods by contacting us for help.
Is it necessary to aerate my lawn in Andover, and if so, how often?
Lawn aeration is essential no matter where you live. Compacted soil can damage your lawn and landscaping by restricting air, water, and nutrient flows. Ask a True Lawn Care expert for advice on timing and techniques.
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